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2 Non-Equity Jeff Award Nominations

Book and lyrics by Elizabeth Searle and Music by Michael Teoli


Underscore Theatre @ Theater WIT

Nov.-Dec. 2017

Directed by: Jon Martinez

Costume Design: Virginia Varland

Scenic Design: Jimmy Jagos

Lighting Design: Maya Michele Fein

Photography: Evan Hanover 


*Jeff Recommended*

The Olympics, 1994. Tonya Harding has hardly had the chance to dream past her father’s truck. Nancy Kerrigan has it all–supportive family, affluent background, beauty and effortless grace. Enter Tonya’s no-account boyfriend Jeff Gillooly, who has a plan to “help” Tonya win. What will happen when each skater has only three and a half minutes to be perfect?

"..simple yet versatile set transports the audience from rink to backstage with comfort while providing a neutral canvas for Maya Fein’s dramatic lighting design which deserves a double exclamation point."- Alyssa Dyksterhouse, PerformInk

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