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Penelope, O Penelope

By Simon Abkarian

English translation by  Melissa Lorraine

Theatre Y

April-May  2015

Directed By:  Éva Patkó

Lighting Design: Maya Michele Fein

Photography: Devron Enarson 


PENELOPE, O PENELOPE  is a modern chamber tragicomedy inspired by Homer's Odyssey.   In this new translation by Artistic Director Melissa Lorraine, Dinah awaits her husband's return from war after twenty years, with a vengeful suitor hungry at her door. Elias—the war-riddled, hero-turned-vagabond—searches for redemption from his bloodshed and a way home from spirits and memories alike.

It is our distinct privilege to discover overlooked masterpieces in global contemporary theater and bring them to Chicago. Theatre Y relies on international collaboration to strip all peripheral concerns, all colloquial distractions, and gather around only the most universal of fires.

Simon Abkarian is the proper vessel for a universal text - tri-lingual (Armenian/French/English), bullied by a cacophony of world events, nomadic, and literarily fearless.  With an Odyssey of his own, thanks to Lebanon's civil war in the 70's, Abkarian offers a very lucid grip on the myriad of paradoxes that force us into what is a timeless human cycle.

Directed by critically acclaimed Romanian director Éva Patkó, with dramaturgy by famed author Zsolt Láng, 
PENELOPE, O PENELOPE employs shadow, dance, language and architecture to ask how long love lasts...and at what cost.


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