By Ronan Marra, Co-created with Elsa Hiltner

Collaboraction Theatre Company,  Pentagon Theatre

Oct-Nov 2016

Directed by: Ronan Marra

Costume Design : Caitlin R. Dalton

Scenic Design: Ashley Ann Woods

Lighting Design: Maya Michele Fein

Photography: Maya Michele Fein and Maisonet Photography


Today, a young girl presents a school project. An advertising executive is pitching a new client. A stand-up comedian prepares for a tour. Everyone is feeling it, but no one wants to talk about it. Collaboraction explores mental illness in THE MARS ASSIGNMENT.

“People with depression are usually placed in exploitative roles in theatre and film - meaning that the characters are often used to create the crisis or arch of the plot through destructive addiction, self-harm, or a suicide attempt,” says Hiltner, who was inspired to start the process to create The Mars Assignment. “We specifically set out to create a show that showed realistic characters living with depression in the way that millions of people do. Living the 'everyday' and navigating stigmas, without leaning on the stigmatizing tropes of suicide and addiction.”

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