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3 Non-Equity Jeff Award Nominations


Lighting Design

 Production - Revue

Created from the works of Kurt Weill

Theo Ubique Cabaret Theatre, No Exit Cafe

September-October 2014

Directed by: Fred Anzevino

Costume Design : Bill Morey

Scenic Design: Adam Veness

Lighting Design: Maya Michele Fein

Photography: Maya Michele Fein and Adam Veness


Theo Ubique Cabaret Theatre returns to its “roots” celebrating the music of German composer Kurt Weill featuring songs from “ThreePenny Opera,” “One Touch of Venus,” “Lost in the Stars” with selections from the Weill/Brecht Mahagonny Songspeil.


*Jeff Recommended*


-“Three and a Half Stars! An enchanting and thoughtful little dark star of a show… casts a mesmerizing miasma… you’re in for a treat.” — Chicago Tribune

-"Maya Fein’s rich, warm lighting design gives their world a passionate flavor while implying industrial pollution. "-Chicago Critic. 

-"Maya Michele Fein’s lighting effects are simple but perfect for the moods that are created by the special arrangements that Ramey has created for us." -Alan Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago  

-"All aspects of the production’s first half – from the strong, unmiked voices to Bill Morey’s grungily authentic period costumes and Maya Michele Fein’s multihued expressionist lighting effects – come together with artful precision, creating a mood of hedonism spiced with Teutonic angst".

-New City Stage


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