Always...Patsy Cline

By Ted Swindley

New Harmony Theatre

July 2019

Directed by: Eric Altheide

Costume Design : Shan Jensen

Scenic Design: Paul Weimer

Lighting Design: Maya Michele Fein

Photography: USI Photo Services and Daniel Knight of Studio B


Who was the legendary performer, Patsy Cline, really? They say we know a person by the friends they keep. The true story of the bond between Patsy and her biggest fan, Louise Seger, shows us that Patsy Cline’s gift to us was greater than her exquisite voice; it was her wonderful heart. If you ever felt that you knew Patsy Cline just by listening to her sing, there’s a reason for that.



© 2019 Maya Michele Fein.

Currently under renovations during fall 2019