By Robert Francis

The Foundling's Theatre, The Heartland Studio

August-September 2014

Directed by: Stephen Bisinger

Costume Design : Cherish Varley

Scenic Design: Kristof Janezic

Lighting Design: Maya Michele Fein

Photography: Maya Michele Fein and Servillo


The world has ended in a rapture that has proven that a higher power did exist. Those who remain struggle to hide from the eyes of Hell. As Hell seeks out any living flesh in the form of creatures known as Banshees. In the middle of this world we come across two survivors on a journey to find a home. Sue, a young woman, has found a companion in a former pastor who helps her find her way back to the north woods where she hopes her father is waiting for her. When she finds his cabin she meets a struggling group of others who know what happened to her father but seem afraid to tell her. When one in the group is fatally wounded, and the eyes of Hell turning towards the cabin, the group begins to debate whether to stay and accept their fate or to flea and continue on in the cold...

© 2019 Maya Michele Fein.

Currently under renovations during fall 2019